Welcome to Preikestolen Mountain Lodge!

Experience the peace and tranquility 
in our idyllic base camp, close to the 
water in beautifull suroundings.
Foto: Line Noer Borrevik

An hour's journey from Stavanger, Sandnes and Sola Airport is the majestic Preikestolen Mountain Lodge located - just at the start of the trail to Preikestolen. Four buildings with unique character and facilities which provide fine dining options, accommodation and activities in the absolute top range. Staying in our mountain lodge after hiking to the world attraction Preikestolen is an unforgettable experience. 

When did you last wake up in such a setting? Preikestolen Mountain Lodge offers accommodation in all price ranges. 

That our head chef Morten Sjøvik belongs to the Norwegian elite is not something we have to point out- you can tell yourself after tasting our exquisite breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Preikestolen ​​​​​​​

Not only is the view from the Pulpit Rock plateau itself among the world's finest, but the 2 hour hike from the lodge to the plateau is also a spectacular journey.


A wide range of adventurous activities await- right outside your room! Enjoy on your own or in the company of our experienced activity leaders.

Do you want a more adventurous, closer-to-nature way of spending the night while enjoying various types of activities? Bring the whole family and spend time in one of our camps near the water, mountain or forest.

Open office environment provides a unique experience at the mountain lodge. Modern facilities, an exquisite restaurant and experienced activity leaders will take your conference to another level.